the brand.

Meaning “unlike any” in Latin, dissimilis (dis’si.mi.lis) stands for those who embrace the qualities that make them unique, represents self-acceptance, and promotes individuality.  Each piece is meant to celebrate what makes you dissimilis and act as a source of inspiration for your daily life.   

Redefining modern wardrobe staples, dissimilis focuses on both day-to-day basics and elevated pieces that can be mixed and layered with one another for maximum wearability.  Blurring the line between seasons, it's thoughtful design that exudes style and practicality.

Each piece is ethically handcrafted in the heart of New York City's garment district.


the designer.


Born and raised in Southern California, Lara Alia followed her passion for fashion design at the prestigious Parsons School of Design, in New York City.  After working for world-renowned fashion houses, she pursued her love for the art of couture techniques by creating custom evening-wear for private clients, before eventually founding dissimilis in 2018.

Influenced heavily by her own personal style and her frequent travels between LA and NYC, Lara wanted to create a line that allowed her to minimally pack a wardrobe for any coast, during any season - while still being easy to dress up or down. 

What makes us different makes us special; dissimilis.
I want my pieces to reflect that feeling, as much as I want the wearer to feel that about themselves.

"I grew up being labelled as “different” by everyone around me, and not always in the most complimentary way.  It was largely in part to how I dressed, because as a very shy and quiet child, how I dressed was how I truly expressed myself.  My interests, tastes, and perspectives were revealed through my style - but didn't always resonate with my peers.  So, I never really fit in with any one crowd or into any mold that was deemed as “cool” or even "normal".  That never made me feel less than anything, though.  It actually had the opposite effect.  It was a positive reminder that I was unique, and I'm proud to have always embraced that.  

That's something I think more of us need to celebrate... this proclamation of being unlike any other.  What makes us different makes us special; dissimilis.  I want my pieces to reflect that feeling, as much as I want the wearer to feel that about themselves."

-lara alia, founder & designer